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Viking-Era Heraldry

Personal Display for Viking Age Personae, by Thora Sharptooth.

The Raven Banner and Other Viking Banners, by Gunnvor silfraharr.

The Viking Shield from Archaeology, by Peter Beatson.
The article includes a section on decoration of shields.

There are several images of runestones that depict Viking-era shields in the collection of Statens Historiska Museum in Stockholm.

Academy of Saint Gabriel Report 2814
Footnote [22] gives a list of pre-1300 Norse seals.

Swedish Heraldry

Medeltidsvapen (Medieval arms).
Part of a site,, about Swedish heraldry. Talan Gwynek wrote: Three pages of neatly executed tinctured emblazons from Raneke, for a total of 95 coats. The emblazons are modern but appear to be based on medieval originals.

Norwegian Heraldry

Finnish Heraldry

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