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Heraldry from the Low Countries

Analysis, Armorial, and Ordinary of Armory Recorded in Paul Bergmans' Armorial De Flandre du XVIme Siècle, by Walraven van Nijmegen.

Armorial Gelre
An armorial created by Gelre Herald, c.1370-1414.

Wapenboek Beyeren
The Armorial Beyeren, dated to 1405 and created by Gelre Herald (Claes Heynenzoon c.1345-1414), has more than one thousand coats of arms, with captions in Dutch. The arms are divided into five categories: I. 337 participants in a tournament at Compiègne in February 1238 [possibly an error, perhaps in 1278]; II. 191 participants in a tournament in Mons in 1310; III. 404 participants in an expedition against the Frisians in Kuinre in 1396; IV. 122 participants in the siege of Gorinchem in 1402; V. 14 sets of 'Three Bests' (the three best Jans, Willems, Adolphs, Dirks, etc.)

Statutes, ordonnances and armorial of the Order of the Golden Fleece
Contains the arms of members of the Order of the Golden Fleece. The manuscript dates from 1473.

Armorial of France and the Southern Netherlands
From c.1490-1500.

Flandria - Chorographie Flanderns in Portraits der Landesfürsten, den Wappen des Adels und des Landes und in seiner Geographie, the Netherlands, 1562.

Bruderschaftsbuch des jülich-bergischen Hubertusordens, Niederrhein c. 1500.

The Cloisters Armorial, by Sabine Berard.
This article is a collection of photographs of heraldic display in various m edia from the medieval wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It covers heraldry from various times and places in Europe.

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