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Spanish and Portuguese Heraldry

Francesc Tarafa's Armorial of the Canons of the See of Barcelona, by Margaret Makafee.

An Armorial of the Livro Do Armeiro-Mor by Lothar von Katzenellenbogen.
A listing of arms found in a Portugueuse manuscript from 1509. The first 90 or so arms are those of various European cities, kingdoms, and bishopricks; they should not be taken as indicative of Portugueuse style.

Portulanatlas (Alte Welt und Terra Nova), by Fernando Vaz Dourado, Goa 1580.
This is a digitization of a late-16th century Portuguese Atlas, which has lots of heraldic images in it.

Armas de los Condes, Vescondes etc. de Cataluña, de Castilla, de Portugal, Spanish 15th-16th C.

The Cloist ers Armorial, by Sabine Berard.
This article is a collection of photographs of heraldic display in various m edia from the medieval wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It covers heraldry from various times and places in Europe.

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