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German Heraldry

Manesse Codex, with 137 plates.
A collection of early 14th century illuminations that includes many examples of heraldry.

The Zurich Roll of Arms, compiled by Gunnvor silfraharr.
This is based on a facsimile of a German roll of arms from about 1340. The roll starts with a collection of flags and then a catalogue of the arms of royalty, some of them fictional. The useful material for re-creators starts with the second row of arms on the front of Strip II. Gunnvor has provided modern redrawings and blazons for the arms. WARNING: the pages take a long time to load.

An Armorial of the Konzil zu Konstanz, by Lothar von Katzenellenbogen.
An armorial of an early 15th century German papal council held in Constance. Not all of the persons listed here are German, and the blazons are modern and should be used with care.

Scheiblerisches Wappenbuch.
This is a digitization of a roll of arms originally dating from 1450 and after. The Wikipedia Commons article on this wappenbuch has small versions of all the images, which are linked to medium sized images.

Ortenburger Wappenbuch.
This is a digitization of an edition of the Ortenburger Roll of Arms, dating from 1466-1473.

Bruderschaftsbuch des jülich-bergischen Hubertusordens.
This dates from around 1480.

A 15th Century German Armorial, by Sabine Berard.
This is a collection of images from a 15th century manuscript, with blazons added by Sabine.

Anton Tirol's Wappenbuch.
This dates from the end of the 15th century and later.

Banners from the Battle of Tannenberg , by Lothar von Katzenellenbogen and JohanneS von Narrenstein.
This is a collection of armory, both personal and municipal.

Heraldic Devices from Lorenz Fries' Chronik, by Coblaith Mhuimhneach.
This is an extraction of devices, with achievements, from a 16th century chronicle covering the period from the 7th century to the mid 15th century. This particular manuscript may not be contemporary with the chronicle, and so the images may not be a good guide to medieval emblazons, but they are useful for style purposes.

Hofkleiderbuch (Abbildung und Beschreibung der Hof-Livreen) des Herzogs Wilhelm IV. und Albrecht V. 1508-1551. Wappen mit Reimsprüchen des Holland. Abbildungen bayerischer Regenten.
A 16th-century book of armory from Münich.

Johann Siebmachers Wappenbuch von 1605.
This is a scan of a German roll of arms; it appears to be taken from the 1994 printed edition of Johann Siebmachers Wappenbuch von 1605.

Chronik der Wernberger Linie.
The Chronik dates from 1625; click on 'Verzeichnis der Adels-Wappen' for personal armory.

The Cloisters Armorial, by Sabine Berard.
This article is a collection of photographs of heraldic display in various m edia from the medieval wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It covers heraldry from various times and places in Europe.

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