Medieval Naming Guides: Hungarian

Hungarian Names

Hungarian Names 101, by Walraven van Nijmegen
Start here if you want to choose an authentic Magyar name.

Academy of Saint Gabriel report 2854
This report discusses 12th and 13th century women's names in Poland and Hungary; and includes a list of women's given names from Hungarian sources of that period.

Names of Property Owners in Northern Hungary, 1427, by Kolosvari Arpadne Julia
A collection of given names, with discussion of name patterns, taken from a Latin record.

Hungarian Personal Names of the 16th Century, by Walraven van Nijmegen
Includes tables of most frequent men's names from 1453 to 1574.

Hungarian Feminine Names, by Walraven van Nijmegen
An analysis of 600 women's names.

Ethnic Bynames in Hungarian before 1600, by Kolosvari Arpadne Julia
An analysis of a useful class of surnames.

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